Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

Useful Cheats and Tips:

How do I install the Scenarios?

Just unzip the folder and place the .dat file in the Scenarios folder usually found in My Documents/RCT3 or Documents/RCT3

How do I remove the User Interface?

Hit CTRL+u to remove the UI Hit CTRL+u again to restore

Renaming Peeps

A Hitchcock - Watch the "Birds" go crazy.
Alistair Lindsay - Alters the speed of sound effects played at pause, fast and fastest.
Alvin Swazonegger - Allows Large Billboard Movies.
Andrew Gillett - Reduces friction to none on all rollercoasters.
Andrew Thomas - Decreases track friction. Only works after Update #1.
Atari - All guests Laugh.
ATITech - Every Person (both guests and staff) move super fast.
Atomic - Big Explosion - makes a huge explosion on a coaster crash.
Chris Sawyer - Guests Jump for joy.
D Lean - Open the "Flying Camera" routes editor.
David Braben - Unlimited launch and chain lift speeds (only works after update #1).
David Walsh - Allows removal of the user interface. CTRL-U toggles IU on and off.
FPS - Shows Frames Per Second.
Frontier - All rides and coasters never break down.
Ghost Town - Will stop the flow of peeps coming into your park.
Guido Fawkes - Gives access to the advanced Fireworks editor.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Trains all your current staff plus any future staff hired.
James Hunt - You are given a buggy vehicle to ride in.
John D Rockefeller - Gives you $10,000.
John Wardley - Removes height restrictions when building coasters.
Jon Roach - Peeps ride all non-coaster rides.
Jonny Watts - PeepCam (see the world through the eyes of a peep).
Katie Brayshaw - Waving Guests.
M Brooke - Allows building of scenery next to paths.
Melanie Warn - Increases Guests' Happiness.
Make Me Sick - All guests become Sick and vomit immediately.
Mornington Crescent - Allows building shops etc. underground (use SHIFT to lower an object's position).
Mouse - All guests stand around looking at the mouse cursor.
Rabbit - Animals Constantly Breed - like rabbits! (Wild! Only).
Rick Griffiths - changes the inside of tunnel walls to sharks! (splash)
Sam Denney - Peeps ride all coasters.
Simon Foster - Paints Pictures of Rides.
Jurassic Dart - No information, but is a valid cheat in the code.